International visit in the Czech Republic and final conference

The final international conference of the Grundtvig project took place on Strakonice castle on Friday 13th of June. The main theme of the all presentations was interpretation of traditional values of rural areas in sustainable tourism.

The first session was consisted by review of the project and presentation about regional brands. The final summary of project Reviving rural areas was presented by Magda Sedmíková and Martina Kozáková from MAS LAG Strakonicko. They informed the audience about main project aims and about project activities, mainly about international study visits. Iveta Pavézová from the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice had presentation named Model of implementation and spreading of the regional brand. She presented the view on the regional branding from the academic side.
Project partners had chance to introduce their topics in the second session of the conference. Michal Michalička from the Slovak organisation AGROEDUKA spoke about preservation original crops and breeds and their application for agro-tourism. Marta Kaminska as a representative of Polish partner Partnerstwo dla Doliny Baryczy showed the local event called Carp days in Barycz Valley as a good example of promotion nature and natural/culinary heritage conservation. René de Bruin from Stichting Streekeigen Producten Nederland had presentation about marketing of local products with name Local products and regional branding – a winning combination. Kateřina Čadilová from Asociace regionálních značek presented the Czech system of regional branding and added the reflections from inside and outside including international scope.

After international conference took place local fair on the castle in the town of Strakonice. Local action group LAG Strakonicko, o.s. organized part of this local fair. The participant could buy or taste traditional jam, cake, bread and so on. This type of purchase is very popular.
The afternoon of the day belonged to the tasting local food in restaurant Hradní sklípek and guided tour in brewery Dudák. Both restaurant and brewery are holders of the regional brand Prácheňsko regional product. Participants had chance to discuss about possibilities of business activities in the region and about enterprise promotion. They also got to know the local culture thanks to the bagpiper evening performance.
The visit to Czech Republic took place from 12nd to 14th June 2014. The visiting delegations consisted of 4 from the Netherlands, 3 from the Slovakia and 6 from Poland.
On Saturday14 th June took place common excursion regarding topic: “how to certificate rural product.” Foreign participants visited region, in which is the oldest and very famous local brand SUMAVA the original product. First our group visited small production of lampwork glass beads in village Nezdice. The Czech Republic is really known for such production. Šumava is traditional area where glass was blown for hundreds of years. Mrs. Jana Wudy, who is the holder of local brand, gives to our group opportunity to create their own glass beads. At the beginning Mrs. Wudy tried to explain the history of production, how to create own glass beads and what does the local brand for her business mean. Each participant tried to learn the creation of traditional product.

The lunch for foreign group was prepared by restaurant Nebespán in the town of Kašperské hory. The main motto of this restaurant is “more home, less hotel.” The owners told the group the main vision and concept of their business. They provide services modest but personable. They use for cooking only local products. Because of uniqueness they want to became a part of local brad SUMAVA the original product.
The next visit was Café Charlotte in the town of Ţelezná Ruda. For the third time they have gained reputation of the best confectionary in the Czech Republic due to their top quality products and careful services. Café Charlotte was awarded the prestigious Certificate “The best confectionary of the Czech republic in 2004, 2005 and 2009.” And also some cakes are holders of SUMAVA the original product. The owner of this café showed us round the production. He told us about starting of his business and responded to group´s question. Café produces traditional cakes, which are typical for this region.
The last stopping was at hotel Belveder in the town of Ţelezná Ruda. It is holder of local brand too. Inside of this hotel there is a local mikro brewery. In brewery has been brewed according to traditional recipes since 1787. Brewery Belveder continued this tradition and restore production in 2007. Nowadays the brewery produces four kinds of beers. The owner explain our group the history of this brewery, typology of beer, how to produce beer, and advantages of being part of local brand.
At the end the group discuss about contribution to Grundtvig project. We tried to find the answers: 1. How to certificate the local product? 2. What does the certification of local product for holders mean? 3. What do local brand for region mean? 4. Advantages and disadvantages of certification. 5. What about sustainable development of certification?

Everybody evaluated this visit helpful to own business, thinking, and future vision and so on.

Presentations from the conference are here.

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