Místní akční skupina LAG STRAKONICKO, o.s.

Address: Palackého náměstí 1090, 386 01 Strakonice, Czech Republic
Contact person: Iva Chládková, project manager, phone: +420 734 458 229, e-mail:

MAS LAG Strakonicko was established in 2004 as a civil association with an objective to support the development of rural areas. It has 34 members (municipalities, NGOs and entrepreneurs), 5 employed members of the staff. It currently covers 55 villages and 2 towns with total population over 41 thousand inhabitants. Its action area is situated in South-Western Bohemia in countryside suitable for agro-tourism activities and rich in cultural heritage and traditions but also suffering by the lack of working opportunities, less developed small scale entrepreneurship, weak marketing for local traditional production, and insufficient and non-coherent promotion of the area. MAS LAG Strakonicko has a long-term cooperation with the Faculty of Economy of the University of South Bohemia that guarantees its educational activities. A very important current project is the coordination of a specific brand for local produces PRACHEŇSKO regionalni produkt (under the roof of nationwide Association of Regional Brands), one of good examples of activities that link up support of local production, revival of traditions, educational, cultural and social activities. The local brand has been so far awarded to 65 producers and 12 service providers.

Stichting Streekeigen Producten Nederland

Address: Churchillweg 106, 6706 AE, Wageningen, Netherlands
Contact person: René de Bruin, company secretary, phone: +31 317 420224, e-mail:

The Foundation for Regional Products the Netherlands was founded in 1999 with the aim to support small scale local producers and organisations with the production and marketing of sustainable regional products. SPN is a roof organisation with associated partners in 10 provinces (out of 12), representing over 400 small producers and family farms. During the last decade, SPN has been organising projects, workshops, training courses and promotional activities for and with the associated members. Besides that, SPN has supported various groups with the development of their organisations and development strategies. SPN is working together with educational institutes and schools for vocational training.

Stowarzyszenie Lokalna Grupa Działania i Lokalna Grupa Rybacka “Partnerstwo dla Doliny Baryczy”

Address: pl. ks. E. Waresiaka 7, 56-300 Milicz, Poland
Contact person: Marta Kamińska, member of the board, phone: +48 503 74 03 44, e-mail:

Local Action Group and Fisheries Local Action Group “Partnerstwo dla Doliny Baryczy” (Partnership for the Barycz Valley was found in 2004 in the Milicz where this organisation is based till now. LAG is situated in the territory of one of the most beautiful nature protected areas in Poland, connecting 8 municipalities along the river Barycz. It is a partnership of three sector covering public administration, enterprises (mainly farmers and fishermen), and non-profit organisations. Activities of the LAG are determined by the uniqueness of the countryside with large ponds areas, meadows, and rare bird species habitats. Most of the Barycz valley is categorized as the Naturally Sensitive Areas, one of four located in Poland. For this reason the LAG focuses on the support to the eco-tourism and the local food and handicraft production. LAG and FLAG ‘Partnerstwo dla Doliny Baryczy’ coordinates its own regional brand that is intended for support to local producers of quality products and providers of environment friendly tourism services. The main result of the work of Partnership can be seen in the successful revival of the carp fishery that is demonstrated especially during the annual Carp Days – a 2 month culinary and culture festival.


Address: Hlavná 1, 911 05 Trenčín, Slovakia
Contact person: Ing. Milan Michalička, deputy chairperson, phone: +421 903473277, e-mail:

AGROEDUKA is an association based in Trenčín with objectives to educate the professionals in the fields of agriculture and environment on different aspects of these disciplines and its mutual influencing. It is implementing five educational programmes under the Slovak Programme of Rural Development that are focused not only to the professional skills but also to a general increase of managing skills of farmers. AGROEDUKA also created and manages a web portal intended to educate farmers in a wide range of topics and competences needed for their business. Another project is intended to a specialised training aimed at preparation for public – private partnerships in rural areas. The target groups are mayors, entrepreneurs in agriculture and tourist services, and unions of municipalities who being educated in communication skills and knowledge needed for creation of cross-sector partnerships. A separate educational programme is provided for training of the management of agro-tourist businesses. AGROEDUKA is also involved in several other projects aimed at the support to the local production and regional branding.

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