Study visit in Slovakia II

The visit to Slovakia took part four participants interested in the topic of the visit. The main theme was focused on “possibilities to establish regional brand Kopaničiarsky region -traditional product.”

The Slovak local action group Kopaničiarsky region in co-operation with Agroeduca organized a seminar, which was aimed at regional branding. The participants were for example local producers, farmers, owners of rural accommodation facilities, entrepreneurs in agriculture and general public. Manager of organizing local action group introduced the seminar explaining that in Czech Republic the regional branding is well known and works very well. In Slovakia there are local brands in 6 regions, but only 3 of them are functioning. It was the reason why Slovak partners asked for help. Iva Chládková, employee of local action group LAG Strakonicko, had a lecture on local brand Prácheňsko original poduct, good practice in local branding, advantages for holders of the brand, the region and community. Iva Chládková talked about successful brand holders – producers of honey, lace, patchwork, handbags, herbal gel atc. She explained that in Czech Republic are not only products but also services (for example accommodation, boarding) granted with certificates. The whole Czech group, which consisted of 2 staff members of the local action group LAG Strakonicko and 2 learners, actively participated in the following discussion about the potential and challenges of the local branding. The program included demonstration of local folklore.

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