Rural living is endangered by decreasing competitiveness of local agricultural and industrial production. The countryside has been depopulating, in better case changing to holiday resorts, in worse becoming desolate. Return to traditional ways of farming, household, and crafts or implementation of new methods of environment-friendly exploration of the countryside and local resources (both natural and human) can bring a number of positive impacts. It can directly influence the local economic climate by creating new jobs, and also act as a tool of enhancement of the attractiveness of the area as a tourist destination what can imply demand for additional services. Environment-friendly sustainable management of the countryside has multiple positive influences to both local people and visitors and – in a broader context – to keeping of cultural and natural variety.

Dutch international visit

The  visit  in The Netherlands took place in the municipality of Ede, situated in the centre of the Netherlands, part of one of the main tourist destinations ‘De Veluwe’. The main objective of the visit was to exchange ideas and learn about organisational structures for the marketing of local products and the possible interaction and synergy between the marketing of local products and tourism, as part of the reviving of rural areas.

For more information see article: The exchange visit to The Netherlands – April 10-13, 2014

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